SYMELEC RENOVABLESEnergy and Cost Saving

Sistema de gestión y control (BMS)

We install management and control systems of buildings. By which you can get to control all the variables of the equipment installed in the building (lighting, temperature, indoor air quality, energy consumption and security) by using a single platform, achieving savings of up to 40% your electric bill. These systems allow you to manage your platform through a computer from your workplace or from any other web-site or through a mobile app on your smartphone.

Renewable Symelec has extensive experience in the installation of these systems in the following sectors:

  • Residential buildings
  • Shopping
  • Airports
  • Railway terminals
  • Industries
  • logistics warehouses...
  • Advantages of control systems:

  • Energy optimization
  • facilities connected to your building.
  • Management and control of facilities and equipment connected to your building.
  • Database with all loads, current and historical, of its facilities.
  • Identifying the root cause of power quality and reduce excessive energy costs.
  • efficient use of existing resources.
  • access its platform from anywhere via your computer, website or Smartphone.
  • Identification of potential problems in their facilities and notification thereof.