SYMELEC RENOVABLESEnergy and Cost Saving



Given the intrinsic in natural light (warmth, comfort, range of vision, etc), and the benefit of this on humans. In Renewable Symelec we aim to bring this type of lighting to our customers, by combining different types of elements seamlessly integrated into the architecture to install. To do this, we offer different types of solutions, always depending on the characteristics of our customers.

Cogeneración / Trigeneración

Cogeneration systems jointly produce electricity and heat from a single fuel source.
Trigeneration systems jointly produce electricity and heat and / or cooling from a single fuel source.
Obtaining energy savings:
The use of waste heat, cogeneration systems have overall yields of around 85%, while in the traditional production of electricity is only 35%, which implies a significant reduction of the energy bill.

Energías Renewable

Energía Solar Fotovoltaica
Energía Solar Térmica
Calderas de Biomasa
Mini hidráulica