SYMELEC RENOVABLESEnergy and Cost Saving



Given the intrinsic in natural light (warmth, comfort, range of vision, etc), and the benefit of this on humans. In Renewable Symelec we aim to bring this type of lighting to our customers, by combining different types of elements seamlessly integrated into the architecture to install. To do this, we offer different types of solutions, always depending on the characteristics of our customers.


The two main advantages of hybrid systems, natural light over artificial light, increasing performance are luminaso artificial lighting system and decreasing the power consumption. In Renewable Symelec have incorporated technologies such regulatory power control variables, thereby achieving greater improvement of both its performance and an increase in energy and cost savings.


His lighting delsistema greater longevity, lower consumption and market greener. Its main advantages:

The most environmentally friendly lighting technology market.
Lighting system with lower power consumption.
Lighting achieving yields of 85% to 90%, coupled with low heat emission.

- On almost immediately even at low temperatures.
- High durability, 50,000 hours or 70,000 100% to 90%.
- No flicker emission or ultraviolet rays are harmful to health.