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Solar thermal energy is to capture the sun's radiation and its subsequent transformation into heat for use in various applications, such transformation is performed by means of devices specifically designed for this purpose and called solar collectors. These devices are capable of capturing the energy provided by the sunlight and use it to heat a heat transfer fluid at a certain temperature, differing in terms of the three types of solar collectors:

  • high temperature
  • Media temperature
  • low temperature
  • Solar thermal energy is a free and inexhaustible energy source, since its use implies the use of a major endogenous resources of the country. These systems possess some solar thermal requirements and minimal maintenance operation and a long service life of the facility.

    Note that solar thermal systems produce no conditions on the physical environment, or the quality of outdoor air or on the ground. Besides, no noise or cause diseases on existing hydrology. These facilities include its autonomous and decentralized, thus helping to reduce energy dependence and condiguiendo more sustainable development.

    Common applications of solar thermal installations are:
  • Hot Water
  • Support for conventional energy systems
  • Heating of indoor and outdoor
  • Facilities underfloor heating